Shinai Bag

MATSUKAN Shinai Bag "Kanmuri"

High Quality Shinai Bag "Kanmuri"

The series is Kanmuri equipment for KENDO competition.

3 to 4 shinais or 3shinai and a Bokken with 2 pockets ( big one outside, small one inside) You can put your maintenance tools in the big pocket.


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¥ 11,800

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Shinai / bokken bag "KANMURI"

Black / Gold

124 x 16 x 8cm

This bag can hold four shinai or three shinai and a bokken. It has a strap so it can be carried on the back. It is solid and can be used during a long time.

Outside strings keep the weapons in place during transportation.

Inside is a small pocket to put passports (16x11cm), outside a large pocket to put other objects of larger size, such as maintenance tools for your weapons.


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