The international Aikido congress in Tanabe 2008 - ISOYAMA Hiroshi

BAB 第10回国際合気道大会講習会 磯山博師範講習会

The International Congress in Tanabe 2008 - Hiroshi Isoyama


Language: Japanese

Hiroshi Isoyama: Deshi of Ueshiba, 8 Dan Aikikai Hombu 


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The International Congress in Tanabe 2008 - Hiroshi Isoyama

That congress was held in Tanabe, the birthplace of the founder Morihei Ueshiba. Practicioners from all around the world came to pay tribute to the legendary master.

Hiroshi Isoyama was a Deshi of Ueshiba and is currently 8th dan of the Aikikai Hombu. He is also famous for being Steven Seagal's teacher.

Content of the DVD:

Tai no henko

- tai no henko I ・tai no henko II

Gyaku hanmi katatedori Iriminage

- jodan no sabaki kata・gedan no sabakikata

Gyaku hanmikatatedori kotegaeshi

- gyakuhanmi katatedori kotegaeshi

- iriminage to kotegaeshi no taisabaki no chigai

- gyaku hanmi katatedori kotegaeshi-gedan

- kote no torikata Sohanmi katatedori iriminage

-Jodan Gedan Sohanmikatatedori kotegaeshi

Yokomen uchi kotegaeshi

Yokomen uchi no sabaki-kata

Yokomen uchi iriminage


Language: Japanese