Sojutsu-Saburi ryu

BAB BCD14 佐分利流槍術

Kobudo series Saburiryu sojutsu (Spear)

Language: Japanese


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Kobudo series Saburiryu sojutsu (Spear)

Saburi Ryu is an old soujutsu school founded by Shigetaka Saburi  (15 ?? - 16 ??)
After having mastered "TODA Ryu Sojutsu", Master Saburi founded his school "Saburi RYU SO Jutsu".

We offer a very wide assortment of DVDs covering almost all existing Japanese martial arts, some very famous - karate, judo, kenjutsu -, others less - sojutsu, buki jutsu, kobudo - as well as some Chinese martial arts. Some of these DVDs are extremely rare and can only be bought in Japan!

The content of this DVD

- Kihon no kata

- achiai no kata


Language: Japanese


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