Jisei budo-TOKITSU Kenji

BABSPD-1812 時津賢児 自成武道

Jisei Budo-TOKITSU Kenji

Language : Japanese


Jiseido is a Japanese martial art based on Tai Chi.

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Jisei Budo-TOKITSU Kenji

If you want to move quickly, repeat kata slowly, and if you want to attack with explosive power move slowly!

What does it meanYou will know watching this DVD.

Kenji Tokitsu: he is the founder of JISEIDO. Born in 1947. Professor of the Sorbonne University, Laboratory of Ethnology.

Jisei do is a martial art created by Kenji Tokitsu. It is divided into 4 : Qigong, Tai Chi, Budo (martial arts) and dance energy.


The content of this DVD

-Ritsuzen  (A sort of Zen without sitting on ground)

-Hatsuryoku no genri  (The principle of force)


-Jisei ken

-The exprication of Kata

-The analysis of kata

-The demonstrations

Language : Japanese


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