UESHIBA Moriteru

DVD Aikido Kyohon-N°3

DVD教本 合氣道 第3巻

Aikido Kyohon N°3


Language: Japanese, English

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Aikido Kyohon N°3


Language: Japanese, English

AUDIO-VISUAL TRAINING series at Aikikai Hombu Dojo

Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Ueshiba Moriteru

With this DVD you can review and learn the techniques demonstrated by Master UESHIBA.

Nage waza (techniques of throw)

Koshinage, kokyu nage, juji nage, aiki otoshi, niningake, buki waza

We offer a broad assortment of DVDs covering almost all existing Japanese martial arts, some very famous - karate, judo, kenjutsu -, others less - sojutsu, buki jutsu, kobudo - as well as some Chinese martial arts. Some of these DVDs are extremely rare and can only be bought in Japan!

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