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DVD Aikido Kyohon-N°1

DVD教本 合氣道 第1巻

DVD Aikido Kyohon-N°1


Language: Japanese, English

AUDIO-VISUAL TRAINING series made by the Aikikai Hombu Dojo

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DVD Aikido Kyohon-N°1


Language: Japanese English

With this DVD, you can review and learn the techniques demonstrated by Master UESHIBA.

- Kihon dosa (basic movements / Kihon waza (basic techniques) / Katame waza (mastery techniques)

- Kihon dosa

- Katame waza :

- Ikkyo (Ude osae)

- Nikyo (Kotemawashi)

- Sankyo (Kote hineri)

- Yonkyo (Tekubi osae)

- Gokyo (Ude mawashi)

We offer a broad assortment of DVDs covering almost all existing Japanese martial arts, some very famous - karate, judo, kenjutsu -, others less - sojutsu, buki jutsu, kobudo - as well as some Chinese martial arts. Some of these DVDs are extremely rare and can only be bought in Japan!


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