Keiko gi Cool Fine White

Fuji daruma Keiko gi -Cool Fine Whitevery Light Aikido Uniform

Color: Blue / White
100% cotton
Weight: about 550g

The original fabric with its new technology, is very light, easy drying and shrink resistant, avoid sticking to the body despite sweating.

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¥ 9,750

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Fuji daruma-Keikogi Cool-Fine White

Color: Blue / White
100% cotton
Weight: about 550g

This original fabric comes from a new technology and is very light, easy to dry and shrink resistant. It does not stick to the body even when sweating.

This textile is extremely refined and deliciously soft to the touch.

Size of Keikogi

Size 00                  : 100-110cm

Size 00 or Size 0    : 110-120cm

Size 0                   : 120-130cm

Size 0 or Size 1     : 130-140cm

Size1 or Size 2      : 140-150cm

Size 2                   : 150-160cm

Size 2 or Size 3     : 160-165cm

Size 3                   : 165-170cm

Size 3 or Size 4     : 170-175cm

Size 4 or Size 5     : 175-180cm

Size 5  :   more than 185cm

Fuji Daruma is the Brand of Anshin Shokai.

Anshin Co.Ltd was founded in 1942 in Nagoya, Japan.

It was recommended by the Kendo Federation of Japan.

Japanese budoka appreciate and recommend its quality, and reknown masters have been trusting this company for years.


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