IWATA keikogi Miyabi- Jacket (Very Light)

Iwata Aikido Dogi MIYABI-white  -Aikido Jaket

100% cotton

Thin fabric

This keikogi is the lightest of all IWATA assortment.

Ideal for travelling (seminar) and for women.

YAMADA sensei (in New York) uses this keikogi for seminars abroad.

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¥ 7,600

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IWATA Aikido Dogi - MIYABI white jacket

100% cotton

Thin fabric


Solid, lightweight, comfortable for women. Dries very quickly. The jacket consists of 2 pieces of fabric, thus giving a better hold and more robustness.

Ideal when traveling or for seminars. YAMADA sensei uses the MIYABI keikogi during his seminars in France and in Europe.

**All the textiles are processed with antibacterial and anti-odour treatment.

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If you purchase an Iwata's keikogi for the first time, please contact us!

The Keikogi of IWATA were created specifically for the practice of Aikido more than 100 years ago.
Although  any supplier can buy AIKIKAI labels, IWATA remains the sole supplier of AIKIKAI in Tokyo.
DOSHU and the AIKIKAI Shihan use Keikogi from IWATA.

How to fold your Aikidogi?   SINONOME JAPAN Youtube


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