Kamiwaza Denju-SHIODA Gozo

quest SPD8002 塩田剛三 神技伝授

Kamiwaza Denju /Initiation of Divine technique: Gozo SHIODA

You can see the undisclosed demonstrations of the master Gozo SHioda.

These are selected demonstrations from 1962 to 1991.

Language: Japanese


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Kamiwaza Denju /Initiation of Divine technique: Gozo SHIODA

The old images of SHIODA which was not published ... (demonstration, the course ....)
He was born in 1915 in Tokyo; He practiced judo and Kendo during his childhood. In 1932, he became a dicipline of Morihei UESHIBA. after having obtained his bachelor degree at takushoku University, he was sent to China, Taiwan and Borneo as a instructor of aikido. In 1946, he returned to Japan and restarted his training with his master Morihei UESHIBA. In 1955, he was awarded the Grand Prize in the tournament of Ancien art matials of Japan. In 1956, he established Yoshinkan Dojo. In 1961, he received the 9th Dan from his master. Since 1957 he taugt his techniques in the police department.
The content of this DVD
-The Demonstration in front of Robert Kennedy on 02,20,1962 (46 years)
-L'innoguration KOGANEI Dojo (Tokyo), on 11,11,1973 (58ans)
-The Demonstration in front of Sir Laurens Jan van der Post, on 04,12,1983 (67ans)
- Kagami biraki in 1989, on 01,15,1989 (73ans)
-Kagami Biraki in 1991, on 01,13,1991 (75years)
-The Top graded seminer on 08,26,1989-03,29,1990
Language: Japanese

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