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Aikido nyumon-INOUE Kyoichi

quest SPD8006 合気道入門 井上強一

Aikido Nyumon Aikido for beginners -Kyoichi INOUE

Language: Japanese / English (subtitle)


The spirit of harmony, the importance of the basic skills, the accurate training.

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Aikido Nyumon Aikido for beginners -Kyoichi INOUE 

Kyoichi INOUE was born in 1935 in Hokkaido. In 1955, he began to practice aikido with master Gozo SHIODA while he was studying at Chuo University. In 1970, by order of his master,  he began to teach Aikido to the police department. In 1996, he retired after 25 years of work and became Director of Aikido Yoseikan Dojo. In 2010, he opened a dojo, Shinwakan, where he continues to develop Aikido.

In this DVD, master INOUE, having mastered the techniques of Gozo SHIODA, explains the essence of Aikido: philosophy, techniques, etc.

The content of this DVD

What is Aikido?
Kihon Dosa Hanmi no Kamae
Hiriki no Yosei
Tai no Henko 1
Tai no Henko 2
Aikido Application
Shomen Uchi Sankajo Osae 2
Katate Ayamochi Nikajo Osae
Yokomen Uchi Yonkajo Osae 2
Shomen Zuki Kote Gaeshi 1
Katate Mochi Shiho Nage 1
Shomen Uchi Ikkajo Osae 2
Katate Mochi Sokumen Irimi Nage 1
Shomen Uchi Shomen Irimi Nage 2
Mune Mochi Hiji Shime 2
Shomen Zuki Hiji Ate Kokyu Nage 2
Shomen Uchi Kokyu Nage
When the part of the body are grabbed
Weapon (Tanto&Ken)

Language: Japanese / English (subtitle)


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