Nihon Tenugui


Tenugui Hyotan

手拭 瓢箪 青

Tenugui Hyotan(calabash) - Blue

Size: 36 x 90cm

Cotton 100%

Tenugui is a Japanese traditional towel.

It is made of plain weave cotton.

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¥ 380

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Tenugui  Hyotan(calabash) Blue

HYOTAN represents “prosperity of descendant” because it has many  seeds inside,
and “prosperity of business” from bearing many fruits.

The term "MUBYO" is also used as a pun as it means both "six calabashes" and "without disease". So it can be a metaphor to wish someone good health.

The tenugui is a very useful Japanese towel.
We can use it for many things: Kendo, cooking, wrapping gifts etc.

How to wear Tenugui on the head for Kendo.


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