Takeda ryu Nakamura ha Aikido hen-NAKAMURA Hisashi

BAB 総合武道 武田流・中村派シリーズ 第二巻

Takeda ryu Nakamura ha-Soron hen NAKAMURA Hisashi vol.2

Language: Japanese


Master NAKAMURA has created his own school, the Takeda Ryu Nakamura ha, in line with the ancient Samurai fighting arts.

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Takeda ryu Nakamura ha Soron hen - Hisashi NAKAMURA vol.2

Takeda ryu was founded by Hisashi NAKAMURA. This school includes several Japanese martial arts such as kenjutsu, Jojutsu, Iaijutsu, Aikijutsu, Shurikenjutsu, etc. This technique was passed down to the family of Shingen TAKEDA.

Hisashi NAKAMURA was born in Nagano in 1932. In 1948, he started learning Takeda ryu Aikijutsu in Fukuoka with Master OOBA, 43rd successor of Takeda Ryu. At the death of the latter, master NAKAMURA succeeds him as Soke. Convinced of the benefits of free sparring and competitions, Soke Nakamura emphasizes the realism of techniques in his teaching style. In 1978, NAKAMURA decided to create his own school, the Takeda ryu Nakamura ha.

This DVD is the second volume in the series of "Takeda ryu Nakamura ha"


The contents of this DVD

- Aikiho (Zenpo aiki, Koho aiki)

- Aikinage (Futate dori, Ryote dori)

- Kihonwaza sogo, Randori waza

- Takeda ryu aiki no jutsu


Language: Japanese


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