TADA Hiroshi

DVD Aikido giho zenshu N°2-TADA Hiroshi

TDH2D 多田宏師範 合気道全集 第2巻 投技編

All of Aikido by Hiroshi Tada vol.2 Nagewaza


Language: Japanese

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¥ 5,400

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All of Aikido by Hiroshi Tada vol.2 Nagewaza

This DVD is the second volume out of the three that let you understand better the philosophy and skills of Tada Hiroshi. This DVD will tell you the basic Aikido techniques in detail. It is from beginner to expert.

The content of this DVD


-Shihonage: Shihonage, Katatedori shihonage, Shihonage tesabaki, Ryotedori shihonage, Tatatedori ryotemochi shihonage, Katatedori aihanmi shihonage, Shomenuchi shihonage, Yokomenuchi shihonage, Jodantsuki shihonage, Chudantsuki shihonage, Katadori menuchi shihonage, Munadori shihonage, Ushiroryotedori shihonage, Ushiro ryoukatadori shihonage, Ushiroryohijidori shihonage, Hanmihantachi katatedori aihanmi shihonage, Hanmihantachi ryotedori shihonage

-Iriminage: Shomenuchi iriminage, Iriminage rai, Katatedori iriminage, Katatedori aihanmi iriminage, Yokomenuchi iriminage, Chudantsuki iriminage, Katadori menuchi iriminage, Ushiroryoutedori iriminage, Katatedori ryotemochi iriminage, Ryokatadori iriminage

-Kotegaeshi: Katatedori kotegaeshi, Kotegaeshi tesabaki, Katatedori aihanmi kotegaeshi, yotedori kotegaeshi, Katatedori ryotemochi kotegaeshi, Katadori menuchi kotegaeshi, Ushirowaza ryotedori kotegaeshi, Ushirowaza ryokatadori kotegaeshi, Ushirowaza ryohiji kotegaeshi, Ushirowaza tsutsumikomi kotegaeshi

-Tenchinage: Katatedori tenchinage, Tenchi nage tesabaki, Ryotedori tenchi nage, Shomenuchi tenchinage, Yokomenuchi tenchinage

-Kokyunage: Katatedori aihanmi kokyounage, Katatedori kokyunage, Ryoutedori kokyunage, Shomenuchi kokyunage, Yokomenuchi kokyunage, Jodantsuki kokyunage, Chudantsuki kokyunage, Ushirowaza ryoutedori kyokyunage, Hanmihantachi katatedori ryoutemochi kokyunage, Hanmi hantachi katatedori kokyunage

-Uchikaitennage: Katatedori uchikaitennage, Shomenuchikaitennage, Ryoutedoriuchikaitennage, Chudantsuki uchikatennage, Katadori uchikaitennage, Ushirowaza ryotedorikaitennage, Ushirowaza ryoukatakaitennage, Ushirowaza katate to katadorikaitennage, Ushirowaza ryohijidorikaitennage, Ushirowaza eridorikaitennage, Shomenuchi sotokaitennage, Ryoutedori sotokaitennage, Chudantsuki dotokaitennage, Katadori sotokaitennage, Katatedori sotokaitennage, sho sho enuchi sotokaitennage, yokomenchi sotokaitennage, Katatedori aihanmi sotokaitennage

-Jujigaraminage: Katatedori ryoutemochi jujigaraminage, Ryotedori jujigarami nage, Ryokata jujigarami nage, Katadori menuchi jujigaraminage, Shomenuchi jujigaraminage, Chudantsuki jujigaraminage, Eridori jujigaraminage, Ushirowaza ryotejujigaraminage, Ushirowaza ryokata jujigaraminage, Ushirowawa ryohijidori jujigaraminage, Ushirowaza ryosodeguchidori jujigaraminage

-Udegaraminage: Shomenuchi udegaraminage, katatedori udegaraminage, katatedoriaihanmi udegaraminage, jodantsuki udegaraminage, chudantsuki udegaraminage, ushirowaza ryotedori udegaraminage

-Ushirokiriotoshi: Shomenuchi ushirokiriotoshi,chudantsuki ushirokiriotoshi, katatedori aihanmi kiriotoshi

-Taninzukage: Taninzukage

-Ashisabaki: Ashisabaki, Okuriashi, Tsugiashi, Tsugiashi-dai, Okuriasi-1, Tsugiashi-1, Okuriqshi-2, Tsugiashi-2, Hanminokirikae, Ayumiashi, Karada no ido, Sikko-hanmi hantachi

-Ki: Katatedori-ki, ikyyo-ki

Language: Japanese

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