Aiki no Kaitei N°2-SUGASAWA Kogen

BAB SGA2D 日本伝大東流合気柔術 合気之階梯2巻

Aiki no kaitei vol.2 -Kogen SUGASAWA

Language: Japanese


Presentation of the 3 levels of Nihon den Aiki jutsu: Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu and finally Aiki no Jutsu, which constitutes the highest level of this art with techniques reserved for experienced practitioners.

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Aiki no kaitei vol.2 -Kogen SUGASAWA 

Kogen SUGASAWA was born in 1951 in Tokyo. He begins to practice Karate and Judo as a child. He continues training judo at university and gets the 4th dan. In 1981, he began to practice Nihon den Aiki jutsu with tmaster Tsuruyama, a pupil of Takuma HISA. Today, SUGASAWA is SHIHAN (master) of Nihon Den Daito ryu Aiki jujutsu.

The content of this DVD

- Nihon-den Aiki-jujutsu ikkajo tachiai: Ippon dori

- Shoden Omote kata, Shoden Ura kata, Oden Omote/ura kata

- Aiki kihon soho: Koden aiki happo, Tekubi mawashi no koto

Language: Japanese


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