Obi and Belt

Kaku obi-Awase-Orizuru

Kaku obi Awasé-Orizuru

Obi Awase: double jacquard fabric obi Kiryu.

Black / Dark Blue

100% Polyester

- 390 x 10cm

-Quality: soft, solid.

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¥ 5,800

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Kaku obi Awase - Orizuru

100% polyester

390 x 10cm

Black / Dark Blue

"Ori-zuru" is a tsuru origami (crane).

Obi Awase: double jacquard fabric.

Beautiful drawing. This obi is reversible, soft and solid.

Made in Kiryu.

* The city of Kiryu is located in Gunma prefecture. She is famous for the quality of her fabrics, Kiryu-ori. It manufactures all kinds of textile but its specialty is Kakuobi cotton and polyester.
Note that Kiryu-Ori fabrics were made for the emperor in the 8th century.


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