Naginata-Todaha buko ryu

BAB 戸田派武甲流薙刀術

Kobudo series - Todaha buko ryu Naginata jutsu 

Language: Japanese


Secret techniques for samurai with Naginata.

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Kobudo series - Todaha buko ryu Naginata jutsu 

Todaha buko ryu was created by Seigen Toda (1523 -?) who was a samurai of the Asakura family in Echizen (a city in Fukui Prefecture).

His techniques are Kacchu bujutsu (an ancient martial art with armor) and have been kept secret for a long time.

This DVD shows the techniques of Todaha buko ryu Naginata jutsu.

The content of this DVD 

-Ai naginata 11 hon

-Kusarigama naginata 5 hon

-Kagitsuke naginata tachi ai 5 hon 

-Kagitsuke naginata yariai 5 hon , etc....

Language: Japanese


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