Naginata-Yoshin ryu

BAB 楊心流薙刀術

Kobudo series -Yoshin ryu Naginata jutsu

Language: Japanese


Techniques of self-defense with a long sword

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Kobudo series -Yoshin ryu Naginata jutsu

The Yoshin Ryu was created by Shirobe Akiyama around 1600. This art from Yanagawa Domain (now Yanagawa-shi in Fukuoka Prefecture) includes more than 70 self-defense techniques for women.

Our DVDs of great Japanese masters will allow you to better understand the essence of Budo, a term that refers to the Japanese traditional martial arts as a whole.

The content of this DVD

- Omote

- Naginata jutsu

- Kirishi

- Gokui


Language: Japanese


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