加藤木魚 楠 4寸5分

Mokugyo Size. 4,5

Size 4,5 : 13,5cm

Mokugyo an instrument of Soto Zen Buddhist or Rinzai (music that accompanies the liturgical texts Buddhist sutras). Some use it to make predictions.
It is a round wooden block (with more or less ornamentsthat one strikes with a stick at a regular rhythm . It sometimes has the shape of a fish.

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about 2-3 weeks

¥ 37,500

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Mokugyo Size. 4,5

Mokugyo an instrument of Soto Zen Buddhist or Rinzai (music that accompanies the liturgical texts Buddhist sutras).

Some use it to make predictions.
It is a round wooden block (with more or less ornamental) that is struck with a stick in rhythm. It has sometimes in the form of a fish.

Size 4,5 : 13,5cm

-about 0,9kg

-With Bachi (the stick to hit Mokugyo) and a Cushion

-Wood: KUSU (Camphor)

-Manufactured by order. (delivery about 2-3 weeks)

Artisanal, KATO Mokugyo Seisakujo in Nagoya.

Today, there are only 9 Mokugyo workshop manufactures in Japan in the area of ​​Nagoya Mokugyo off specialist, but because production Chinese, Japanese craft Mokugyo disappears.
The Chinese Mokugyo breakable, it does not support long years of use, but can Mokugyo Japanese used over 100 years without change of tone.

The manufacture of Mokugyo, it is quite long.

He buys large wood, cut and dried for 3-5 more years.
The age of wood between 5-10 years. (If small wood about 50 years, but if Mokugyo are large enough, the age of the wood about 100 years.)
- The cutting width Mokugyo, dried leaves and another 3-5 years.
- He digs dried wood with useful during some days or months ..
-Burn with more useful for some days.
- Honed and check the sound change, until it sounds good.

** It is possible to engrave your name. (Back)


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