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Jointy J12

Jointy J 12- MITOME-IN

Text length: 12mm

HANKO is a stamp used instead of the signature in Japan.

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Jointy J12     MITOME-IN

Width: 12mm
Mitome-in is a stamp used as a signature when receiving parcels or for smaller files.

This hanko has no cap so it can be used without soiling one's hands.

It has a small hole for hanging on a keychain and is equipped with a security to avoid any false handling.

The case is made of recyclable material.

A guidance system also allows to affix one's name in a perfectly horizontal manner.

Different choices of colors.

The text can have up to 5 syllables in Japanese characters (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana or logo).

** If you do not know your name in Japanese, contact us.

You can choose :

- 3 holster colors
- 5 Japanese fonts
- 3 ink colors

It can be used 3,000 times without reloading the ink.

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