Kyudo-Satsuma heki ryu koshiya

BAB BCD8 薩摩日置流腰矢

Kobudo series Satsuma Hekiryu koshiya

Language: Japanese


This technique was created at the epoque of the samurais' war.

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Kobudo series Satsuma Hekiryu koshiya

The Koshiya is a combat strategy that consists of building groups of archers who will shoot arrows at their enemies in an alternative and constant way while advancing on them. Once within the enemies range, the front group will attack them with spears.

SATSUMA HEKI Ryu Koshiya is a former school of Kenjutsu (Kyudo) from SATSUMA (KAGOSHIMA Prefecture).

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-So daisho

ITO Nobuo


Language: Japanese


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