KOBAYASHI Yasuo to Aikido 2

BAB KAI2D 小林保雄と合気道 シリーズ 応用編

KOBAYASHI YASUO and Aikido vol.2

Language: Japanese


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KOBAYASHI YASUO and Aikido vol.2

This DVD is the last volume of "Aikido and Yasuo Kobayashi (Kobayashi Yasuo to Aikido)" which is also a part of "Mind and Technical of Master UESHIBA." Master KOBAYASHI, Uchideshi of UESHIBA Morihei and 8th dan of Aikikai Tokyo, introduces several Aikido techniques such as renzoku waza, kaeshi waza (counter attack), Atemi and techniques against ken and Jo.

KOBAYASHI Yasuo was born in Tokyo in 1936. He started Judo at the age of 11, then went on to Aikido while he was a student. In 1954, he became a student of Master UESHIBA. He gave some classes at the Aikikai headquarters before opening his own dojo in 1972, in Saitama prefecture. Since then, he devotes himself to spread Aikido in the Kanto region. Today, he dispatches teachers to Japan and more than 20 foreign countries. He is himself regularly invited to give seminars.

The contents of this DVD

- oyo henka waza: renzoku waza (ikkyo-irimi/ikkyo-shihonage / ikkyo-kotegaeshi / ikkyo-koshinage)

- kaeshi waza: nikkyo-kaeshi waza, kotegaeshi-kaeshi waza/iriminage-kaeshi waza

- tanto dori: shomenuchi, irimi nage gokkyo yokomen uchi sankkyo koshinage, shihonage tsuki, kotegaeshi, shihonage tsuki kata mochi, nikkyo tsuki ushiro kata mochi, ikkyo

- jô tori: jô tori 1-5

- tachi dori :shomen uchi, iriminage, tachidori, kote gaeshi / yokomen uchi, kote gaeshi, shiho nage, koshinage

- ninin dori: ninin dori 1-5

- atemi, kyusho

- ken, jô: bokuto no suburi jô no suburi (tsuki no bu, hasso no bu)

- demonstration

Language: Japanese


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