Introduction to Kendo-KUBO Akira

クエスト241-DVD剣道入門 久保昭

Kendo nyumon / Introduction to Kendo - KUBO Akira

This DVD introduces Kendo Basics.

The basic techniques (Kihon), manners (Reigi), usage of gear (Bogu), traditional Japanese mind, etc.

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Kendo nyumon / Introduction to Kendo - KUBO Akira

KUBO Akira sensei is 7th dan of Iaido and Kendo.

In this DVD, he explains the basic techniques, the etiquette in the Dojo, the spirit of Kendo, etc.

This DVD is for beginners.

The content of this DVD

- Etiquette in the Dojo

- Ritsurei and Zarei

- Body movement, walk with gliding steps

- Suburi, etc.

Language : Japanese / English ( subtitle )


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