FUNAKOSHI Karate! The origin of KATA -IWAKI Nobuhiro

船越義珍の空手 解明! 型の原形 井脇宣弘

FUNAKOSHI Karate! The origin of KATA -IWAKI Nobuhiro

Time: 94min.


IWAKI Nobuhiro is Zenkuren (JKF) 6th dan and former Director of Keio University School of Medicine Karate club

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FUNAKOSHI Karate! The origin of KATA -IWAKI Nobuhiro

FUNAKOSHI Gichin is a contributor of karate spread and the founder of one of the four major Karate schools: Shotokan. What is master Funakoshi's Karate?  His Karate is different from today's one;he emphasized on "Kata training that have been transmitted in Okinawa" and today's karate is besed on kumite and Kata which has been developed for the competition. 

This DVD reveals the vanishing truth based on his teachings and many materials for FUNAKOSHI Gichin at that time. This DVD will give you a very valuable guidance to understand the real meaning of Kata to realize techniques.

The content of this DVD

Kanku Dai (The Sky Major)

◉ Bassai Dai (Break the fortress Major)

Enpi (The flight of the swallow)

Hangetsu (Half Moon)

◉ Gojushiho  Ue (54 steps Upper)

◉ Jitte

Gojushiho  Shita (54 steps Lower)

◉ Nijūshiho (24 steps)

◉ Jion

◉ Sōchin (Tranquil Force)

Bassai Sho (Break the fortress Minor)

◉ Chinte (Rare Hand)

◉ Unsu (Cloud hand)

Time: 94min.


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