Shinto muso ryu jojutsu 3

BAB SMJ3D 神道夢想流杖術 術技編二 松井健二

Shinto muso ryu jojutsu jutsugi hen 2 (Techniques 2) - Kenji MATSUI

Language : Japanese


The third volume of the series of "Shinto muso ryu jojutsu"

Shinto Muso-ryu jojutsu is one of the most useful Jo technique in combat.

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Shinto muso ryu jojutsu jutsugi hen 2 (Techniques 2) - Kenji MATSUI 

In this DVD, Kenji MATSUI teaches 43 kata: 13 kata of KAGE, 6 kata of SAMIDARE, 12 kata of SHIAIGUCHI and 12 kata of UCHIDA-RYU TANJO.

Kenji MATSUI was born in 1935 in Shanghai. He became a pupil of Tatatsugi SIMIZU in 1955. In 1978, he began to learn ShintoMuso-ryu Jojutsu and received a Jo teacher's diploma. During his career, he also practiced Shinto-ryu ken jutsu, Ikkaku-ryu Jutte, Isshinn-ryu kusarigama, Uchida-ryu Tan-jo, Suio-ryu Kogusoku jutsu and Wakizashi jutsu. Today, he is Hanshi 8th dan of the Japanese Kendo Federation and disciplines related to the Jo, as well as the president of the Joshinkai.

The contents of this DVD

- Kage 12-hon

- Samidare 6-pon

- Shiaikuchi 12-hon

- Uchida ryu tanjo jô 12-hon

Language : Japanese


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