Hakama Iwata 10000-indigo (very thick) 5H

Top Quality Indigo Cotton Aikido Hakama Iwata# 10000 - 5H

100% high quality dyed cotton

For intermediate or high level practitioners (instructors, sensei) already familiar with Tetron Hakama

*Due to the large number of orders, production was significantly delayed.
Production of the current hakama is expected to take approximately two months.

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about 10 weeks

¥ 27,200

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Aikido Hakama Iwata-5H Indigo Cotton # 10000 - 5H

100% cotton

This hakama is made entirely of traditional cotton. Although it creases a little more easily than the synthetic hakama, its fabric is very robust, durable and has a wonderful shine. It is intended for intermediate or high level practitioners already familiar with Tetron Hakama.

IWATA has been using this fabric for its hakama for more than 40 years and has developed a quality adapted to the needs of Aikidoka. This hakama is very easy to clean and machine washable. The fabric is very smooth and soft, and you can feel the quality just by touching it.

All Iwata Aikido hakama have 7 seams on their strings, making them more durable.

This hakama, with double seams on the sides specially added to our request, is intended for Western practitioners and designed to withstand long and intensive training.

The Koshiita is made of a supple and very soft rubber that keeps its shape without causing injury during a fall.

Various manufacturers of keikogi and hakama have the right to use the mark "AIKIKAI" on their keikogi and hakama as the AIKIKAI Hombu of Tokyo give their authorization. However, the official supplier of AIKIKAI

Length of Koshihimo (string) in front: standard size 4m, possibility of modifying it (4 sizes available).

A change in Koshiimo length requires the manufacture of a customized hakama. The delivery time is therefore an additional week.

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