Shintai ikudo kuzushi vol.1-HIROHARA Makoto

BAB HHM2D 心体育道崩し 上段編 廣原誠

Shintai ikudo Kuzushi vol.1 Upper -  Makoto HIROHARA

Language : Japanese


The importance of unbalancing one's opponent.

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Shintai ikudo Kuzushi vol.1 Upper-  Makoto HIROHARA 

Makoto HIROHARA: Born in 1961 in Hiroshima, he started practicing Kyokushinkai karate in 1977. He taught in Tokyo for three years from 1979. In 1987, he moved to the United States. That year, he participated in a karate tournament in Colorado and became the champion. The following year, he took part in the same tournament that he won again. However, he realizes the limit of the fight in competition and stops participating in tournaments. Since then, he perfected his karate physically and mentally and created a school in Shintaiikudo. In 1995, he returned to Japan. Today, he teaches SHIN TAIIKUDO.

The content of this DVD

-What's Kuzushi?

-Training 1 : Ageuke and Shotei uchi / The handling against the lower turn kick

-Training 2 : Mawashi uke and Tsuki / The handling against the lower turn kick

-Training 3 : Kakato hikkake geri and Gedan mawashigeri / The handling against the upper hook

-Training 4 : Ageuke and Kuzushi / The handling against Upper chasing butt

-Training5 : Uraken kinteki uchi et Uraken ganmen uchi / The handling against Upper opposite butt

Training 6 : Side slide et Gedan geri / The handling against Upper chasing butt

-Continuous motions

Language : Japanese


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