SPD-1808 自成道 新・空手理論 時津賢児

JISEIDO - Kenji Tokitsu

 Jiseido is a Japanese martial art school based on Tai Chi.

Language : Japanese / English ( subtitle )


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JISEIDO - Kenji Tokitsu

You can learn basic techniques and Kumite in this DVD.

Kenji Tokitsu: he is the founder of JISEIDO. Born in 1947. Professor of the Sorbonne University, Laboratory of Ethnology.

Jisei do is a martial art created by Kenji Tokitsu. It is divided into 4 : Qigong, Tai Chi, Budo (martial arts) and dance energy.


The content of this DVD

Disc 1.

-Ritsuzen (a sort of Zen without sitting on ground)

-Yayama shoshuten Ki method

 Pendulum motion, Kata ( bird, Turtle, Dragon, Bear )

- Correct form

-How to effictively use the body

-punching technique

 Hiratsuki, Nage tsuki, Tatetsuki, Uratsuki, Kagitsuki, Agetsuki, Elbow strike, Kaishu,

 Punchu training, Why there is no snap stop finishes with punches

Disc 2.

-Hohou ( The way of walking )

 Yoriashi ( Gather Step), Tsugiashi ( Hopping Step )

-The techniques of defence

 Forward and backward, Up and down, Left and right, Rotations ( Outward, Inward),

 The way of walking for defence, Kakari training ( Sparring )

-Kicking techniques

- Free Kumite


Language : Japanese / English ( subtitle )

2DVDs :190mn

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