Aikido Master N°1-SHIODA Yasuhisa

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BAB YSK1D養神館合気道完全マスター1塩田泰久

Aikido Master N°1 Kihon hen (beginner level) - Yasuhisa  SHIODA 

Language: Japanese


DVD dedicated to the preparation of grading from 10th to 4th kyu.

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Aikido Master N°1 Kihon hen (beginner level) - Yasuhisa  SHIODA 

This DVD deals with the technical aspect, the etiquette and the courtesy during grading from 10th to 4th kyu. It is also a good review for higher ranking practitioners.

Yasuhisa SHIODA is the son of Gozo SHIODO. He was born in 1952 in Saitama. In 1965, he began learning Aikido. In 1976, after studying economics at Chuo University, he began teaching at universities, police departments and corporate clubs. Between 1984 and 1987, he developed Aikido Yoshinkan in England. Today, he is the director of Takadanobaba's Yoshinkan Dojo and give classes there.

The content of this DVD

- kamae (migi hanshin kamae, hidari hanshin kamae)

- seiza ho / reiho

- shikko ho

- kihon dosa: tai no henko / shumatsu dosa

- hissu waza: katate mochi shiho nage / shomen uchi ikkajo nage / katate mochi nikkajo osae / shomen uchi sankajo osae / shomen uchi shikajo osae / yokomen uchi shomen iriminage / munamoti, hijishime / shomenuchi kotegaeshi / ryotemochi tenchi nage / suwariwaza ryotemochi kokyuho

Language: Japanese


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