Aiki shinden N°2-OKAMOTO Seigo

BAB ROK2D 合気神伝 シリーズ 第二巻

Aiki shinden vol.2-OKAMOTO Seigo

Language: Japanese


Second volume of "Aiki shinden" series. Aikijutsu Training in Hawaii in 1992, given by Master OKAMOTO.

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Aiki shinden vol.2-OKAMOTO Seigo

OKAMOTO Seigo was born in 1925 in Hokkaido. In 1963, he started to study Daitoryu and in 1978, he was given the title of Aikijutsu Shihan by his Master Kodo HIROKAWA as he already was 7th dan. One year later, his master passed away so he founded Roppokai Daitoryu Aikijutsu in order to popularize his master's thechniques.

In this DVD, you can see the Daitoryu Aikijutsu training session in Hawaii provided by master OKAMOTO in 1992, where he explains the subtlety of Aiki in theory and practice.

The content of this DVD "Aiki shinden vol.2"

- Suwari doriwaza: Ryote muna zukami

     Aiki zeme

     Munadori aikizeme

     Aiki osae nage

     Ryote dori hiki komi otoshi


- Tachiwaza: Shomen uchi tegatana nage

   Aiki hiji hiki otoshi

   Aiki hikikominage

   Aiki ate

   Aiki ni ni n dori (koshi nage, hji otoshi)

   Fure aiki (ayatsuri, nage, otoshi)

   Aiki sage

   Ryotedori uchide tsukami gaeshi

   Aiki tekubi gaeshi

   Renzoku tasudori

Language: Japanese


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