Aikido Black Belt -Iwata

Black Belt Aikido -Iwata Aikido Obi

Aikido belt 100% Cotton

Width: 4,2 cm


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about 5 days

¥ 3,100

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Black Belt Aikido -Iwata Aikido Obi

100% cotton

Width: 4,2cm

Solid, comfortable, this Aikido belt is highly appreciated by foreign practitioners and is one of the most popular products of our online store.

In general, this item is sold with the logos Aikikai.

However, you can choose to buy it with only one or without logo.

In the latter case, please indicate your choice in the "Comment" section of the address page.

0 (195cm)

1 (205cm)

2 (225cm)

3 (245cm)

4 (265cm)

5 (285cm)

6 (305cm)

To calculate the length of your belt: your waist circumference (cm) x 2 + 100cm


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