Battodo no subete-NAKAMURA Taizaburo

220-DVD BTD2D 中村泰三郎と抜刀道シリーズ

Nakamura ryu Battodo no subete- NAKAMURA Taizaburo

Language : Japanese


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Nakamura ryu Battodo no subete -Taizaburo NAKAMURA

Taizaburo NAKAMURA was born in 1912. In 1939, he received the master degree at RIKUGUN TOYAMA GAKKTO (former National Military School of Tokyo).

After the war, Master NAKAMURA continues to dig the path of BATTODO and founds the "ZEN NIHON BATTODO RENMEI" (the Japanese federation of Battodo) to develop the Battodo worldwide. From there was born the KOKUSAI IAI BATTODO RENMEI - International Federation of IAI BATTODO (whose name was changed in 2001 in "KOKUSAI BATTODO RENMEI").

In this DVD, Master NAKAMURA and his high-ranking student demonstrate effective and rational basic techniques from Kumitachi to Tameshi Giri (cutting test).

- Nakamuraryu Battojutsu Seiteitoho
- Nakamuraryu Battojutsu Happo No Kamae / Hashu No. Noto
- Nakamuraryu Battojutsu Kumitachi and Nakamuraryu Batto Jutsu Suémonogiri
- NAKAMURA Ryu Batto do Kumitachi Katana against Yari no Kata
- Toyamatoryu Battojutsu Seitei toho
- Demonstration of "Tameshigiri" by Master NAKAMURA

Language : Japanese



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