TERADA Kiyoyuki


Aikido-TERADA Kiyoyuki

quest PRD103 寺田精之 合気道

Aikido - Kiyoyuki TERADA

Language : Japanese


DVD for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to high-graded practicioners.

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Aikido - Kiyoyuki TERADA 

TERADA Kiyoyuki was born in 1922 in Nagasaki. He trained in many martial arts and distinguished himself in 1937, when he received the title of best judoka of the year after winning a judo championship. He entered Shidojuku University in 1941 and met SHIODA Gozo. Together, they founded Aikido Yoshinkan in 1955. Master TERADA gave many seminars throughout the world (Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, England, ...) during his life and in 2008, he becomes the first person to receive a 10th dan from the Yoshinkan Foundation.

The content of this DVD " Aikido - TERADA Kiyoyuki "

- Kiso Basic techniques  : kamae / Sikkoho / Hiriki / Tai no henko / Shumatsu dosa / Ukemi

- Jitsugi 1 advanced techniques 1  : Ikkajo - Yon kajo / Shihonage / Kotegaeshi

- Jitsugi 2  advanced techniques 2 : Shihonage kuzushi uchiuke / Ude karami / Irimi nage, etc......

Language : Japanese