IWATA Dogi Pants Aikido 300AW-Bleached

IWATA Dogi Pants Aikido 300AW-Bleached

The most standard Gi for people who participate in games.

From the intermediate to the high graded aikidoka

Dogi ( Gi ) cotton 100% made in Japan

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IWATA Dogi Pants Aikido 300AW-Bleached

This Aikido pants is Cotton 100%, it is soft for your skin.
It is duble cloth on the knee, and the cloth of the inside is soft.
It is robust and durable.
When you make - Suwari-waza or Hanmi-Handachi-waza,
you do not need to worry about rubbing the knee skin.

- There is a gusset at inseam. You can move freely and the pants fit your move.

- Because the drawstrings are sewed on both side, it is very robust and durable.

- Stitching on the double at the pants' hem is not thick; it will not bother you durign your training.

- theses pants are bleached but please, wash them before you use!!! 
Or your dogi size will be a little too big to practice aikido.
(Bleached jacket is also shrunk for the first several washes like Unbleached Dogi pants 300W.)

Check your size.

Keiko gi IWATA were created for Aikidoka for over 100 years.
Any providers can buy AIKIKAI labels but IWATA is the sole supplier of AIKIKAI in Tokyo.
Doshu and Shihan AIKIKAI use also Dogi IWATA.

-How to wash Keikogi
Make sure to wash by washing machine with detergent and take cold water or
cool water under 30 degreeat maximum for not making shrunk or damaged due to hot water.
Put it open wide for quickly drying.
You could also use bleach for better cleaning but it should be up to twice per year
at maximum for keeping the good condition of cloth.

-About shrinkage of Keikogi
It shrinks about 10cm per year but also depends on the frequency of washing and
the water temperature.

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