Fuji Daruma Keikogi Aikido -Wazarashi

Keikogi Aikido -Wazarashi -Anshin Shokai

100% cotton

Jacket + pants

Light, soft to the touch.

Weight: about 1,5kg

The jacket consists of 2 pieces of fabric, ensuring a snug fit and more robustness.

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¥ 13,600

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Keikogi Aikido -Wazarashi -Anshin Shokai

The jacket is made ​​of 2 pieces of fabric, ensuring a better fit and more robustness.
It is light and soft.

" WAZARASHI " cotton

Wazarashi is a technique to bleach cotton. The cotton needs to be bleached to remove impurities (which is called "SEIREN"). Usually, bleaching is made using the Western technology, method called "Yozarashi" in Japanese: cotton is treated in a machine with various chemical products during 40-60mn.

Yazarashi makes the process shorter but damages the fabric, unlike Wazarashi, which doesn't affect the quality of cotton before it bleaches. Fabric keeps soft even after washing.

Pants are made with high quality cotton woven with extra-thin string. This weaving is very soft but robust at the same time.

The keikogi Aikido Anshin Shokai has a good reputation among the Japanese Aikido practitioners.

2 :150-160cm

2L: 155-165cm

3 :160-170cm

3L : 165-175cm

4 : 170-180cm

4L : 175-185cm

5 : 180-190cm

6 : plus 190cm


For more information about the size, please contact us.

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