ANDO Tsuneo

Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu N°2-ANDO Tsuneo

BAB DRA2D養神館合気道 龍2 安藤毎夫

Yoshinkan Aikido-Ryu vol.2 : Tsuneo ANDO

Language: Japanese


This second volume deals with the importance of "IRIMI".

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Yoshinkan Aikido-Ryu vol.2 : Tsuneo ANDO 

Tsuguo ANDO was born in 1956 in Ehime. He begins Aikido as he was a student at Tokushima University. In 1981, he entered Yoshinkan and began training under Master Gozo SHIODA. In 1993, he became a teacher of Yoshinkan Dojo. In 1996, he established his own dojo in Chiba, Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu. He received his 7th Dan in 2000 and continues today to spread Aikido in Chiba.

The content of this DVD

- Iri mi

- Iri mi kihon dosa, Kihon waza, Tai no henko, Katate mochi sokumen iri mi nage

- Iri mi no kihon waza: Shomen uchi iri mi nage, Ikkajo nage

- Timing of iri mi

- Ken

- Kihon waza, ouyo waza no iri mi: Ryote mochi tenchi nage, Shomen uchi ikkajo osae, Shomen uchi kotegaeshi

- Jiyu waza

Language: Japanese



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