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Shinku no Aiki N°2

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BAB DRA7D養神館合気道 真空の合気2 安藤毎夫

Shinku no Aiki N°2 BUKI JUTSU HEN - ANDO Tsuneo

Language: Japanese


Importance of mastering the distance and timing against weapons.

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Shinku no Aiki N°2 BUKI JUTSU HEN-ANDO Tsuneo

Importance of the distance and timing against weapons.

Tsuguo ANDO was born in 1956 in Ehime. He begins Aikido as he was a student at Tokushima University. In 1981, he entered Yoshinkan and began training under Master Gozo SHIODA. In 1993, he became a teacher of Yoshinkan Dojo. In 1996, he established his own dojo in Chiba, Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu. He received his 7th Dan in 2000 and continues today to spread Aikido in Chiba.

The content of this DVD

Shinku no KI


Kendori: Migiheno henka/Kokyunage/Hidariheno henka Irimi nage/Hidariheno henka Kotegaeshi

Kumijo:Chudan tsuki,J odan tsuki/ Gedan tsuki

Jodori: Migi heno henka Kokyu nage/Hidari heno henka Irimi nage/Migi heno henka Sokumen irimi nage

Shinku no ki: Ken/Tsuki/Kokyu (ikkajo,yonkajo)


Language: Japanese

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