The equipment sold by SINONOME-JAPAN is of high quality and manufactured in Japan by traditional process. Our suppliers, MATSUKAN and ANSHIN SHOKAI are the specialists of Kendo and Iaido. They are recommended by the Japanese Federation of Kendo.

Iaido There are 36 products.


  • Iaito-Maintenance

    Materials for the maintenance of Iaito. High quality.

  • Hakama

    Hakama is a pleated wide pants for the practice of martial arts.

    The Hakama proposed here are made in Japan and adapted to the movements of Iaido.

  • Keikogi

    Keikogi, the outfit for training, is also called Kimono.

    We propose the Keikogi of ANSHIN and MATSUKAN, specialists of Iaido.

    High-quality outfits made in Japan.

  • Katana Stand

    The katana stand, is called Katanagake in Japanese. It is a stand for presentation and storage of Katana on the ground. The products we propose here are well-finished. Made in Japan.

  • Iaito

    Iaito is an alloy training Katana. Our Iaito are manufactured in SEKI Japan and 100% custom made by Japanese craftsmen at OSAWA. They are balanced and high quality. You can order personalized Iaito.

  • Clothing for...

    Special clothing for demonstrations of Iaido (Enbu).

    Hakama and Kimono for formal occasions.

  • Iaito-Accessories

    Accessories for Iaito, Sageo and Tsuka Ito.

  • Iaido Accessories

    Accessories for Iaido practice. Protections, Zekken, Obi etc ....

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Showing 1 - 12 of 36 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 36 items