Bag for bokken jo


Carry Bag Shinai Bokken-TOMBO

Bag for Bokken or Shinai TOMBO /Dragonfly

For 2 Bokken, Jo 2 or 3 shinai.

It is robust but light enough to take it for everyday training.

Simple traditionnal design.

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¥ 5,080

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Bag TOMBO/Dragonfly

Length: 150cm

Width: 15cm

Bag for wooden weapons used in Kendo and Aikido.

This bag of very good quality can contain two bokken, two jo, two tanto or three shinai. Its fabric is thick and strong.

Traditionnal tombo (dragonfly) pattern. The tombo is an autumn insect. We can feel the end of summer when we see one. The tombo is a symbol of victory because it always flies forward but never backwards.

In ancient times, this pattern was appreciated by samurai who were praying for the victory of the war.

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