Suburi Bokuto with HI red oak

matsukan 60-044 suburi hiiri

SUBURITO - Wooden sword for training - With HI (Grooves)

Red Oak

Weight: 900g-970g

"Suburito" means literally wooden sword (bokken) for Suburi (training).

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¥ 8,400

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SUBURITO - Japanese wooden sword for Suburi

Red Oak

Weight: 900g-970g

Length: 106cm

With HI (Grooves)

SUBURITO is for training, so that it is a little bit heavier than standard bokuto. This suburito is mainly for improving your strike speed and strengthen the muscles of the upper body.

This suburito has a blade and two grooves at the both sides of bokuto. Thanks to these grooves, you can hear the sound of air that comes from the motions of suburi, which gives you an indication about the speed of your suburi.


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