Geta Yaki-kiri for Men 25cm

Yaki kiri geta /Wooden Clogs for Men - Geta wooden "Kiri (paulownia)."

M:25cm (7 - 8.5  inches)

Geta are Japanese summer footwear wood Kiri, very light, very soft touch.
The skin does not stick this wood, we walk with the 1st and 2nd toe motion gives balance to the body.

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¥ 4,000

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Yaki kiri Geta /Wooden Clogs for men

M:25cm (7 - 8.5  inches)

Wooden "Kiri (paulownia)" Geta

Light material, comfortable, known to be used for traditional Geta manufacturing.

Our supplier SAKAI manufactures geta using Japanese traditional craft techniques.

Like all our products, these yaki giri geta are made 100% in Japan by the best craftsmen, which guarantees that these items are of very high quality. Sent directly from Japan.


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Advice for choosing the size of Zori and Geta: the heel protrudes about 1.5 ~ 2cm.

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