kendo Gi Kanmuiri Sashiko knitwear

Kendo gi Kanmuri Sashiko  knitwear

kanmuri (Crown ) Series is for those who practice for games, tournqments and championships.

This dogi is for those who practice a lot especially in summer or for seminars and expeditions.

Very quick-drying, bleathable, very light and easy care!

The sleeves are formed for the people of Match-orientation to avoid entering the point of  shinai or sword.

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¥ 12,000

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Kanmuri Sashiko  knitwear

With the textile Teijin Frontier Calculo
Teijin "BORDER CALCULO " is a polyester textile is created by Teijin.

-The Textile Polyester color does not bleach, shrink either.

The review outcome
- Wash Durability:

It is very easy to care not like a traditional Dogi! And You can wash a lot (You can practice kendo with this dogi for a long time).
-Quick dry :

Thanks to Calculo, this dogi is very quick-drying. After your kendo training at night, you wash , it is already dry in the next day.  Even for all day long seminar, you do not feel unconfrtable, because it dries so quickly.

-Very light but robust :

it is very thin compared to the classic ones but very robust. You can wash many times like a classic one. Father, it is very light, it is suitable for your tip such as seminars and championships.

By the Institute Industrial Technology TOKYO was very high.
Many Sport Wear manufacturer uses this textile.

When you wash this dogi, please put this dogi in the Laundry net included in this dogi.

2color choices: White, Blue

 Size     Your Heigt(cm)



  Length of dogi  Width of dogi
0 140-141 50 67 46
1 145-149 52 70 48
1L 150-154 54 73 50
2 155-159 57 76 52
2L 160-164 60 79 54
3 165-169 63 85 56
3L 170-174 66 85 58
4 175-179 69 88 60
4L 180-184 72 91 62
5 185-190 75 94 64

**YUKI : From the middle (center) of the neck to the cuff or the edge of the sleeve.

Matsukan is a manufacturing company for martial art equipement, especially kendo and Judo, and is one of official suppliers for All Japan Kendo Federation with more than 100years of experience!       In 2015, Matsukan's carry bags and shinai bags called " Kanmuri (Crown) " were selected to Japan National Kendo Men's team for the 16th World Kendo Championships (2015).


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