8 bu Jo - Sunuke (standard size)

aramaki jo sunuke 128x24

Jo Sunuke 8 Bu - Japanese wooden stick

Weight: about 700g

Length: about 128cm

Diameter: 24mm

Jo standard in terms of length, weight and diameter, intended for Aikido training.

Made in Japan.

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¥ 45,000

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Jo Sunuke 8 Bu - Japanese wooden stick

Weight : approx. 700g

Length : approx. 128cm

Diameter : 24mm

Jo literally means "stick" and 8Bu corresponds to 24mm in an old Japanese unit.

Suitable for aikido practice.

It is a standard Jo in terms of length, weight and diameter. On the other hand, the wood used for its manufacture - SUNUKE - is very rare. It is the central part of a tree called Distylium racemosum of about 300 years old. Each tree has a different color.

These jo are made  in Kyushu (the southern part of Japan ) by ARAMAKI at Miyakonojo. This company keeps the traditional way of manufacture, such as  drying the materials (wood) naturally not to destroy the fibers; therefore our Jo are solid and robust and can be used for a long time.


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