Women's shoes and socks.

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  • Japanese Shoes

    Japanese shoes: Géta, Zori and Setta. The Géta are wooden sandals traditionally worn with Kimono. The Zori are straw sandals. The Setta are fine and elegant Japanese sandals.

    Advice of choice for the size of the Geta, Zori, Setta: the heels of the feet exceed about 1.5 to 2cm.

    Compare Japanese sizes (in cm) and French sizes.

    * Japanese sandals should hold your feet securely when walking or standing. They must be tightened so that your feet do not advance. To properly tighten them, pull the "HANAO" (straps) well before you put on your sandals for the first time, then check that your feet are tight. Note that small toes can stick out a little.


  • Japanese Socks

    Japanese traditional or modern socks for women.