• bokken made in japan

    Bokken NIDOME made in MIYAZAKI

    High quality Japanese Bokken, artisanal production.

  • Japanese Iaito


    Our Japanese supplier manufactures IAITO in the traditional way.

  • aikido keikogi hakama iwata


    We offer the best IWATA equipment  for Japanese Aikido.
    Best prices and shortest delivery time.

  • armour antique yoroi kabuto

    YOROI KABUTO - Japanese Armour

    We offer rare antiques in very good condition at the best price.

  • bag bokken

    Bokken Bag

    Cases for Bokken, Jo and Tanto original manufacture of Sinonome-japan.
    Original sword bag, elegant, made with real Japanese Kimono fabric.



  • Gakuya Budo Tabi-black Traditional Japanese Tabi Socks 24cm - 32cm Tabi are traditional Japanese socks put together with a traditional kimono. Used for the practice of Kyudo and Iaido. These Tabi were born on the partnership between SINONOME and GAKUYA and specially designed to practice Japanese martial arts.

    ¥ 2,480
  • IWATA Aikido Dogi -200AS-white Uniform Set 1 jacket + 1 pants. The most standard Dogi with a single layer. For beginners to high graded people. Gi (kimono) cotton 100% made in Japan. Antibacterial and anti-odor.

    ¥ 10,500
  • Keikogi Aikido -Wazarashi -Anshin Shokai 100% cotton Jacket + pants Light, soft to the touch. Weight: about 1,5kg The jacket consists of 2 pieces of fabric, ensuring a snug fit and more robustness.

    ¥ 12,500
  • Hakama Aikido Tetron - Dark blue/Black Tetron fabric: 65% polyester, 35% viscose High Quality Tetron Hakama Aikido, very easy to treat, suitable for daily trainings. Breathable and quick-drying fabric. This hakama is for all levels.

    ¥ 9,000
  • Tenugui Heijoshin (maintain composure) Cotton 100% Size: 36 x 90cm Tenugui is a multipurpose Japanese traditional towel used in kendo, for cooking and in a wide variety of areas. It is also a simple and original gift. You can wrap it around the neck or wear it on the head when practicing Kendo.

    ¥ 380
  • Tanto Aikido - Japanese wooden Dagger White Oak / Red OakWeight about 150glength 30cm A tanto is a short sword for practicing Aikido. This tanto oak is made in Japan with traditional way that gives wood (oak) a good quality. This is very standard Aikido tanto

    ¥ 1,560
  • Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Vol.2 Tachi waza jujutsu-Michio TAKASE 82 minLanguage:Japanese The AIKI AGE technique is the technical basis of DAITO RYU.Master TAKASE presents and explains training without strength.

    ¥ 5,400
  • Igusa Setta Indenfu L Traditional Edo Komon pattern Size L: 27cm (41-43) SETTA is a thin and elegant Japanese sandal made of IGUSA, a plant used to make traditional tatami mats.

    ¥ 3,500

Our Japanese Shop SINONOME JAPAN offers great quality Japanese equipment at best prices, delivered directly from Japan as quickly as possible!

**We will be the Aikido internship in Lesneven (France) from the 14th to the 22nd of July 2018.
Orders during this period, it will be treated after July 23rd.
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