• bokken made in japan

    Bokken NIDOME made in MIYAZAKI

    The Japanese Bokken great quality artisanal production.

  • japanese iaito


    Our Japanese supplier traditionally manufactures IAITO.

  • aikido keikogi hakama iwata


    We offer the best equipment IWATA Japanese Aikido.
    Best price and shortest time.

  • armour antique yoroi kabuto

    YOROI KABUTO-Japanese Armour

    We offer rare antiques very good condition and best price.

  • bag bokken

    Bokken Bag

    The Case for Bokken, Jo and Tanto original manufactured by sinonome-japan.
    Original sword bag, elegant with real Japanese Kimono fabric.



Our Japanese Shop SINONOME JAPAN offers great quality Japanese equipment at best prices, delivered directly from Japan as quickly as possible!